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Downtown Cincinnati Boudoir Portraits of Samantha-7202.jpg

Model Call Investment Guide

All the Details

Thank You!

Hello Beautiful Model!

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your willingness to model for a boudoir photoshoot. 

I understand that boudoir photography requires a certain level of trust and vulnerability, and I want to acknowledge and appreciate the trust you placed in me. Your enthusiasm throughout the shoot made the entire process enjoyable.

The images captured during the session are nothing short of stunning, thanks to your natural charisma and charm. I cannot wait to show you them and get some amazing artwork in your hands. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Cincinnati Boudoir Photos of Cayce-7996.jpg

Virtual Viewing & Product Ordering

Unveiling Your Allure

Here comes my favorite part of our journey together. We will set a date for your viewing session, which we will conduct over Google Meets. I will make sure everything is meticulously prepared by the time our virtual meet up arrives. So, grab your favorite beverage and get ready for an exciting reveal.

On my end, I will have the images expertly retouched and an array of product samples ready for your viewing pleasure. This is your moment to immerse yourself in the visual artistry we have created together.  As we go through each image, you will see yourself captured in the most alluring way, showcasing your confidence.

During the session, I will meticulously display each image multiple times, giving you the chance to view them one by one. Some images will be presented in their vibrant colors and others in classic black and white, ensuring you experience the full range of their artistic impact.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer Nicole Hupp-5708.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Melissa-5557 bw.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Amanda-5579.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Lana-3884.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography Styled Shoot at Mill Street of Kaylin-2638 (1).jpg

Important Information:

  • Once selections are made and  full payment is received,  you will receive your physical products within 6 weeks

  • Digital images are available within 72 hours

  • You can have products shipped to you or pick them up at the studio

  • I do not offer a second ordering appointment

  • All sales are final.  Please understand that any changes, alterations, reductions, or other modifications to your order cannot be processed after the Ordering Appointment

Your Investment 

For answering my model call and signing a model release, you have received a free gift and a discount on additional artwork.   However, no additional purchase is required. 

There are 2 ways to purchase additional artwork.  I offer Collections and an A La Carte Menu.  Essentially, this menu is set up for you to be able to fully customize your experience with me.


  • The Collections are pre configured packages of my most popular products bundled together at a discount


  • The A La Carte Menu is where you can purchase individual items like Albums, Heirloom Print Boxes, Wall Art, and Digital Files.

 This discount can either be applied towards a Collection or the A La Carte Menu.  

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Sarah-9712.jpg
Downtown Cincinnati Boudoir Portraits of Samantha-7296.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Lana-3884.jpg

Payment  Options

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography Styled Shoot at Mill Street of Debra-2408.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Lana-4052 (1).jpg

I understand that financial flexibility is key when making a purchase. That is why I offer two convenient payment options to cater to your preferences and budget.

Pay in Full: Simplify the process and enjoy peace of mind by making a one time payment in full. This option allows you to get your artwork sooner and start enjoying your images.

Payment Plans: I believe that everyone should have access to the whatever artwork they desire. My flexible payment plans make it easy for you to spread the cost over a series of manageable installments. We will work together to find the best solution.  Remember, you will not receive your artwork, including any gifts, until you are paid in full.

Whether you prefer the ease of paying in full or the convenience of a payment plan, I am dedicated to providing options that align with your financial goals. Experience the freedom to choose the payment method that suits you best and embark on a seamless and satisfying transaction.


I accept Cash, Credit, Debit, Vemo, Zelle, PayPal, and PayPal Credit.

A La Carte Menu

You can purchase these items separately for your session, rather than a collection or in addition to a collection.

Luxe Metal Prints

Printed on a thin aluminum surface for a show stopping contemporary decor piece that is ready to hang. 


Made from premium quality materials with the finest paper, the pages lay flat so your photos aren’t distorted.

Print Box

Presentation box filled with professionally printed matted 5x7 photographic prints.

Acrylic Block

A luxe touch for any desk or shelf, your image is printed directly on an ultra thick piece of acrylic.

Digital Collection

High resolution photos loaded to an private online gallery ready for immediate download.


20x30   1,200

16x20     800

8x12        350 or 3 for 900


10x10 includes 50 images    2,500

8x8 includes 20 images       1,600

5x5 includes 10 images       1,000


15 Prints     1,600

10 Prints    1,350


8x10      380

8x8        350


Full Session    3,000

Collections Menu

Downtown Cincinnati Boudoir Portraits of Samantha-7194.jpg


  • 10x10 Album with 50 photos

  • 8x10 Acrylic Block

  • Full digital file collection

  • 5,900 Value

Automatic Biweekly Payment Option is 9 payments of 500

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography by Nicole Hupp-2871.jpg


  • 8x8 Album with 20 photos

  • Digital files of Selected Artwork Images

  • 3,100 Value

Automatic Biweekly Payment Option is 9 payments of 300

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Sarah-9625.jpg



  • Print Box with 10 5x7 Matted Professionally Printed Photos

  • 1,350 Value


Automatic Biweekly Payment Option is 5 payments of 180

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to enroll in a payment plan?

Payment Plans are NOT required. You can simply pay your balance on the same day as your viewing.

Can I pay my  balance after the viewing?

Payment Plans are offered after your session for a model call session only.  However, your artwork will not be released till the final payment comes through including any gifts. Please note, your first pyament is due the day of your viewing.

Can I use a discount on the collection price?

Yes you are able to use the model call discount towards a collection.  If you use your discount on a collection and opt for the payment plan, the payment amounts may change.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I know this is a lot of information, and I am here to help walk you through it.  

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