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Cincinnati Boudoir Photography by Nicole Hupp-3011.jpg

Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer

For the woman who wants to embrace her beauty, celebrate her uniqueness, and rediscover her inner goddess.

In a world that often imposes narrow definitions of beauty, embracing, celebrating, and rediscovering your own unique sexiness becomes an act of self liberation. It is a journey of self acceptance that transcends societal norms and encourages you to embrace your individuality with unapologetic confidence.

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Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Melissa-5557 bw.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Amanda-5579.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Lana-3884.jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photography Styled Shoot at Mill Street of Kaylin-2638 (1).jpg
Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer Nicole Hupp-1619.jpg
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During any given day, you can spot me in comfy pajama pants and a relaxed tank top, sipping on an ice laden Coke Zero and delighting in cereal straight from the box. Why waste time on uncomfortable attire or piling up dishes for later?

If this vibe resonates with you and you are up for spending a few hours getting dolled up, then you have found the perfect spot with your boudoir photographer. Let's create some magic together


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Boudoir photography is far more than a gift; it is an extraordinary, unforgettable experience. It beckons you to step out of your comfort zone, rediscover your alluring self, and embrace the beauty you may have forgotten or never realized existed within you. Feeling sexy is a deeply personal journey, unique to each individual, and there is no one size fits all approach.

My commitment to you is to reveal your sensuality in a manner that suits your comfort level, showing you just how stunning and captivating you truly are. Let this transformative experience be the key to unlocking the confident and alluring side that resides within.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography of Lana-4052 (1).jpg
Indiana Dunes State Park Beach Boudoir Session of Ashley-7705.jpg
Indiana Dunes State Park Beach Boudoir Session of Ashley-8006.jpg

Client Love

I have had the opportunity to work with Nicole as a makeup artist and as a client. Nicole is easy to work with, makes clients feel comfortable and beautiful, and every image is absolutely stunning. If you are looking to gain confidence or you just want to feel absolutely amazing, I highly suggest booking a session with Nicole!


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I am prepared to embrace the enchanting goddess within me.

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